Smile your Ride

Smile your Ride contest is back!!!?

For those who don't know, Smile your Ride is a contest we ran for years that ended in 2020. This contest is a way we gave back to the community by offering free retainers to anyone that receives a golden ticket from a team member while out driving with our Reynolds Ortho car magnet!! Those with a golden ticket will also be invited to a pizza party where we will announce the big winner for the free braces, along with 2nd-4th place winners who will receive a basket with $250-$500 off NEW treatment!

The steps are simple:
  1. Patients/Non patients, Take our 'Reynolds Orthodontics' magnet next time you are in one of our offices!
  2. Place the magnet on a desired spot of your car
  3. If one of our team members spots your car with our magnet, they will give you a Golden ticket!
  4. Don’t worry!! If you’re not in your car, our team member will place it on your window
  5. The Golden ticket is your voucher for FREE RETAINERS & invitation to our 'Smile your Ride' party where we will have food, giveaways and announce the FREE BRACES winner!
  6. Now, it is up to YOU to come into one of our offices and claim your free set of retainers and also RSVP for our Smile your Ride Pizza Party!!

If you have a "Spillane and Reynolds Orthodontics" no worries!! They are still valid for the contest!

The Smile Your Ride party is set for September 25th, 2024 at the WB office from 6:30pm-7:30pm with a September 18th RSVP Deadline!